¡¡Specializing in the production of the cylinder, solenoid valve, check valve, one-way throttle valve and other products
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Fenghua Fengri Aerodynamic Package Factory was established in 2001, is located in the national AAAA level scenic spots Xikou, pneumatic components of a professional production and processing enterprises, mainly produces all kinds of cylinders, solenoid valve, check valve, one-way throttle. These products are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, food, packaging, clothing, printing and dyeing, electronics and other industries.
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Pneumatic control valve
K23JD solenoid valve
KS Shuttle Valve Series
One-way Valve KA Series
Quick Exhaust Valve KKP
One-way Throttle Valve KLA
K25D£¨D2£©H Solenoid Valve
K35D2H Solenoid Valve
K23JD Cut-off Valve
K25JD Cut-off Valve
2630 Solenoid Valve Series
802 Solenoid Valve Series
Q24DH Solenoid Valve Series
2W electromagnetic valve
4V electromagnetic valve
Hand Valve Series
SDA Thin Cylinder
SC Standard Cylinder
MAL Mini Cylinder Series
Foot valve series
Shock series

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